Discover 6 Blockchain Startups You Should Watch in 2021

Despite the challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and increasing economic uncertainty, 2020 still managed to produce major tech breakthroughs, as well as thousands of startups. To introduce you to 6 emerging startups founded in 2020, we analyzed 2.018 blockchain startups. All of them develop innovative solutions spanning from cryptocurrencies and smart contracts to end-to-end traceability.

The 6 promising blockchain startups you should watch in 2021 were hand-picked based on our data-driven startup scouting approach, taking into account factors such as location, founding year, and relevance of technology, among others. The 2.018 companies that were analyzed for this report are identified using the StartUs Insights Discovery Platform, covering 1.379.000+ startups & scaleups globally. When you are looking for up-to-date blockchain solutions for your innovation units, R&D, or product development department, the StartUs Insights Discovery Platform gives you the most exhaustive collection and ensures you continuously discover new startups, scaleups, and technologies. For access to the platform or custom insights, get in touch.

Global Startup Heat Map: 6 Blockchain Startups to Watch in 2021

The Global Startup Heat Map below highlights 6 blockchain startups, established in 2020, developing technology-driven solutions for the blockchain industry. Moreover, you can explore global hotspots for blockchain startups and even download this graphic to include in your next presentation.

Emerging Blockchain Solutions

Emerging distributed ledger systems and smart contracts utilize blockchain technology to allow companies to make their businesses transparent and secure. For example, packaging and logistics companies use blockchain to implement end-to-end supply chain traceability or comply with anti-counterfeiting standards. Blockchain is making a huge impact on financial services with big banks and emerging FinTech startups alike integrating blockchain networks. Emerging blockchain startups are finding novel ways to improve everyday business and government practices with transparency and accountability. For example, the future of voting technology is expected to feature blockchain networks.

Who benefits from blockchain solutions?

The further adoption of blockchain technology directly and indirectly impacts individuals, companies, banks, and governments and their financial transactions. The increasing penetration of blockchain technology provides numerous opportunities for data engineering and integration professionals. The application of blockchain contracts for pursuing socio-economic challenges improves trust and cooperation among globally operating organizations. Financial regulators are also poised to benefit from the implementation of blockchain networks to monitor and detect irregular activity in their markets. In combination with artificial intelligence (AI) and high-performance computing (HPC), software developers prospect at the opportunities available for developing smart and secure products.

Explore which of these technologies are advanced by 6 Blockchain startups to watch in 2021:

Stakin – Cryptocurrency Staking

Cover-4-Blockchain-2021-Startups-StartUs-Insights-noresizeEstonian startup Stakin is an infrastructure operator for Proof-of-Stake (PoS) public blockchains. The startup operates secure, reliable, and efficient nodes on selected PoS protocols using cloud and Tier 3 colocation providers. This enables blockchain delegators to earn interests on their holdings without any custody on their funds. Stakin also uses sentry nodes, hardware security modules (HSMs), and live monitoring tools to ensure that validation operations run with more than 99% uptime. The solution enables individuals and companies to stake blockchain coins to earn income for holding or locking cryptocurrencies.

SafePls – Blockchain-Based Digital Platform

Discover 6 Blockchain Startups You Should Watch in 2021Italian startup SafePls builds a digital platform to manage common business practices using blockchain systems. The startup’s proprietary blockchain platform is useful to implement traceability, secure documents, and perform transactions. Further, the solution provides tools for digital signatures and other authentication. For example, SafePls offers the Watch to Watch solution to help watchmakers track their entire supply chain, from production to second-hand markets. The startup is currently developing solutions to track logistical operations and enable the use of digital identification.

IBERIAN – Asset Management

IBERIANDiscover 6 Blockchain Startups You Should Watch in 2021 is a Spanish startup enabling asset management companies, independent managers, and investors to overcome significant industry challenges, including high costs and complicated legal barriers. The startup utilizes IOTA technology and Qubic smart contracts to offer end-to-end solutions for users of their products. For example, companies cut costs associated with asset management by transitioning to a digital fund structure. Using IBERIAN’s solution, only a manager, helped by smart contracts, is needed to enable more secure, viable, and efficient funds.

TimeChain – Blockchain Research & Development

Discover 6 Blockchain Startups You Should Watch in 2021Indian startup TimeChain provides blockchain research & development services to help companies transform their business and information technology (IT) operations. The startup helps companies building proof-of-concepts (POC) and advanced prototypes of end products with both research services as well as full-scale development. Additionally, the startup helps companies looking to implement blockchain solutions find and hire the right talent.

QubiTech – Blockchain Ecosystems

Discover 6 Blockchain Startups You Should Watch in 2021Based out of Estonia, QubiTech leverages quantum technologies to build blockchain ecosystems. The QubiTech blockchain ecosystems utilize distinctive cryptography to protect users from attacks. The startup offers its QST and QDT digital tokens to help network participants quickly settle financial transactions. QubiTech supports banks build and implement digital, secure, and transparent products that reduce operational costs for FinTech. The startup also offers a socio-economic platform to enable private organizations, as well as public management institutions, maintain transparent terms of cooperation with their partners using blockchain-based networks and voting.

Bizzllet – Cryptocurrency Portfolio Management

Discover 6 Blockchain Startups You Should Watch in 2021German startup Bizzllet develops a blockchain platform to seamlessly store, manage, integrate, and distribute companies’ cryptocurrency portfolio across multiple wallets with different integrations depending on the business needs. The startup conducts user testing sessions and experiments to develop new ways to bridge the gaps in human-computer interaction in the Web3 space. Bizzllet’s platform allows companies to easily integrate with the next-generation of payments and business practices systems.

What does 2021 bring for blockchain companies?

To stay ahead of the technology curve, it is important that you know which technologies and industry trends will impact your company in 2021. Get in touch for updates on the latest technology and emerging solutions or explore our curated innovation reports for a more general overview.

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