Events Calendar for Web3, Metaverse, DeFi, NFT, Crypto & Blockchain Conferences 2023-24

There is no doubt about how the blockchain industries and web3 have created havoc in many big industries like the digital payment sector, e-commerce, cybersecurity, digital currencies, Digital Assets, the Healthcare sector, and financial markets. The events and conferences are targeted globally to know more about the booming industry of blockchain technology, metaverse, crypto, NFT, DeFi, and many more evolving projects where any investor, creator, developer, crypto and blockchain enthusiast, or any blockchain geek can create networking opportunities by engaging themselves in such events, conferences, workshops, and expos either online/virtually or in-person at various locations.

Here, we have compiled a list of exciting upcoming events that cover topics like Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Metaverse, DeFi, NFT, Web3, Finance, Forex, FinTech & Digital payment. Keep an eye on these conferences & gatherings and consider participating in expanding your knowledge and building your business partnerships and personal networks.

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Events Calendar for 2023-2024

What Are Crypto Events & Blockchain Conferences?

Crypto events and Blockchain conferences are platforms to connect like-minded individuals interested in the field of cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, Web3, metaverse, NFT, DAO, and DeFi in the form of conferences, summits, forums, and expos happening worldwide, which are organized or hosted by blockchain companies or crypto-related companies like cryptocurrency exchanges, Web3 platforms, DeFi companies, and other decentralized organizations.

Why Should You Attend Crypto-related Events?

Attending Crypto events will help acquire in-depth knowledge and updates regarding many areas of crypto space, such as DeFi, GameFi, crypto and blockchain rules and regulations, and security measures directly from the business leaders, experts, savvy investors, and technologists of this burgeoning industry. It also helps attendees to connect and build networks with the leading companies and get insights regarding future development/innovation and shortcomings in the crypto world.

What Are the Benefits of Attending Crypto Events?

Crypto conferences, forums, events, workshops, and summits provide numerous benefits for attendees, such as building valuable networks, learning new technologies from industry experts and speakers, meeting the right people, discovering new products/ideas, and demonstrating projects. The details of different types of attendees and their respective benefits are mentioned below:

Tech-savvy or crypto enthusiasts can get benefits such as:

  • Learn from engaging speakers The event’s speakers foray into a wide and advanced knowledge about the metaverse, cryptocurrency, blockchain, and Web3 space. Getting access to their seminars stands eye-opener for many attendees.
  • Discover products and new technology from vendors You will learn about new technology from the vendors at events and conferences. Getting yourself aware of these technologies will provide a boost to your actions in the crypto world.
  • Network with other event attendees/speakers When every individual stands on the same platform, crypto enthusiast gets a golden chance to build a network with like-minded enthusiasts, speakers, developers, global blockchain elites, regional policymakers, and investors.

Savvy Investor can get benefits such as:

  • Meet curated startups that have potential value in a growth Cryptocurrency events offer the chance to network with cutting-edge small firms and ICOs that have the potential to be valuable in regions with strong growth prospects.
  • Access to a dedicated networking lounge The Networking Lounge is a gathering place where you can connect with people from different blockchain enterprises by meeting up with them during events. Formal meetings, socializing, and casual business talks are all ideal at the lounge.
  • Privileged access to startup pitch decks You can select the startup pitch decks that have been selected and authorized by an advisory board, which consists of investors, influential thinkers, and technology experts. You can get the startup pitch decks well in advance of the event so you can prepare your questions for them.

An Entrepreneur or have a plan to launch ICOs can get benefits such as:

  • Present your ideas and innovations in front of a curated audience Events provide a chance to present your inventions to a carefully selected audience of investors, top government officials, international technology companies, and tech enthusiasts keen to investigate blockchain solutions for their companies.
  • Raise funds by meeting with potential investors For blockchain companies & startups, raising capital or investments is an important and difficult endeavor. However, in this situation, conferences or events may be useful for raising new cash by connecting you with possible backers intrigued by your creative product concepts or solutions.
  • Get maximum brand exposure By connecting and pitching attendees, such as blockchain and crypto bloggers and local and worldwide media professionals, crypto events significantly increase brand visibility and awareness.
  • Learn and network with international blockchain experts In events, entrepreneurs can get an excellent opportunity to connect and learn from the experts in this field, network with other regional policymakers, and share their knowledge on how they use blockchain/other emerging technologies like DeFi, NFT, Metaverse, Web3, and other respective topics/subjects.

What You Should Know Before Attending Your First Crypto or Blockchain Event

There are a lot of events happening in the crypto and blockchain world. It is not always easy to determine which ones are worth your time. This crypto events list will help you understand which events will benefit you, your career or your client, or as an investor. Before attending your first crypto or blockchain event, here are some questions you need to ask.

  • What topics do you care about? Note down the crypto or blockchain topics that intrigue you the most. Make the most of the events by bringing in all your queries about the topics.
  • What level of knowledge is required for you to benefit from the event presentations or talks? All blockchain enthusiasts can learn a great deal from these events as per their requirements. You can locate events with content that is neither too simple nor too complex.
  • Who do you want to meet and network with? If you have a specific network of people in mind to discuss your interest, then visit the events where you will find it. Choosing the ones where you can openly discuss your interests is better.

How to Choose the Best Crypto Conferences to Attend

Nowadays, many events are going around, so choosing which crypto event to participate in is difficult. So here are a few suggestions to help you choose the best suitable crypto conferences to attend as per your needs.

  • Event History Look for reviews of the event from the previous year. Would you have gone? If not, avoid the selection this year. Is the occasion a first? If so, both the sponsor and the content must be strong and distinctive.
  • Agenda Skip the event if the website’s agenda is empty or doesn’t list the speakers. You need to view each session’s specifics. Too many occasions are impromptu forums that don’t go as planned.
  • Topic details Learn about the various topics that will be discussed at the event. Are you interested in them? If not, then jump to the next crypto event and check its topic.
  • Speaker Roster Do well-known professionals, and business leaders populate it? Too frequently, event planners struggle to recruit speakers, which lowers the event’s quality.
  • Sponsor List Sponsors are the ones covering the majority of the expenses, and they have a target market in mind. Do they have you in mind? Do you want to find out more about these companies? Avoid attending if both answers are no.
  • Finally, consider your total costs Your pocket pinch is something you need to consider before attending crypto events. Are they budget-friendly, or do they come with hidden costs? Please make a note.

What Are the Biggest Crypto Events in 2023?

  1. The Trading Show Chicago 2023 (Sep 27-28, Chicago, USA)
  2. WebCongress (Oct 01-02, Marrakesh, Morocco)
  3. CCDAS (Oct 02-03, London, UK)
  4. Cosmoverse(Oct 02-04, Istanbul, Turkey)
  5. Lend360 (Oct 02-04, Atlanta, Georgia)
  6. Blockchain Economy Dubai (Oct 04-05, Dubai, UAE)
  7. ABC Conclave 2023 (Oct 07-08, Dubai, UAE)
  8. Fraud, Asset Tracing & Recovery (Oct 26-27, Paris, France)
  9. Coin Agenda Europe (Nov 07-10, Athens, Greece)
  10. The London Summit (Nov 20-22, London, UK)

Which Are the Not-to-be-missed Conferences in Crypto?

  1. Coin Agenda Global (Oct 03-04, Santa Monica, USA)
  2. Gitex Global (Oct 16-20, Dubai, UAE)
  3. Crypto Assets Conference (Oct 17-18, Frankfurt, Germany)
  4. Metamorphosis 2023 (Oct 18-20, Dubai, UAE)
  5. TFlExpo(Oct 21, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam)
  6. Decentralized 2023 (Nov 01-03, Athens, Greece)
  7. Enter The Metaverse London (Nov 02-03, London, UK)
  8. Identity Week Asia 2023 (Nov 07-08, Suntec, Singapore)
  9. Web Summit (Nov 13-16, Lisbon, Portugal)
  10. Blockchain Expo Global (Nov 30-Dec 01, Olympia, UK)

What Are the Popular Blockchain Events or Conferences in the World?

  1. Proof Of Work Summit (Sep 25-27, Prague, Czech Republic)
  2. The Blockchain Expo Europe (Sept 26-27, Amsterdam, Netherlands)
  3. Fintech Festival Asia 2023 (Sep 27-28, Bangkok, Thailand)
  4. Cypher Punk (Sep 27-28, Fort Lauderdale, USA)
  5. ScotSoft 2023 (Sep 28, Edinburgh, Scotland)
  6. SmartCon 2023 (Oct 02-03, Barcelona, Spain)
  7. Blockchain Economy Global (Oct 02-05, UAE, Dubai)
  8. Blockchain Technology and Cryptographic Assets : Implication to Auditors and Accountants (Oct 04, Virtual)
  9. Vietnam Blockchain Summit (Oct 12-13, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam)
  10. Texas Blockchain Summit (Nov 15-17, Texas, USA)

Top Upcoming Crypto Events in 2023: Get Ready to Attend

  1. 28th European Symposium on Research in Computer Security (Sep 25-29, The Hague, The Netherlands)
  2. Global Tech Innovation Summit (Sep 26-27, Dubai, UAE)
  3. Crypto Mastery Summit (Sep 27-Oct 01, Virtual)
  4. What Is Cryptocurrency and Who Is Investing in It? 2023 (Sep 28, Weymouth, UK)
  5. StockPulse Silver Symposium (Sep 29-Oct 01, Las Vegas, USA)
  6. Non-Financial & Operational Risk (Oct 04-05, New York, USA)
  7. ETHMilan (Oct 05-06, Milan, Italy)
  8. Crypto Gibraltar (Oct 18-20, Ocean Village, Gibraltar)
  9. Australian Crypto Convention 2023 (Nov 11-12, Melbourne, Australia)
  10. Crypto Fest 2023 (Nov 24, Cape Town, South Africa)

Upcoming NFT Events in 2023: Don’t Miss Out

  1. CE Blockchain Summit (Sep 26-28, Rzeszów, Poland)
  2. NFTxLV (Sep 29-Oct 01, Las Vegas, USA)
  3. Online NFT Exhibit 2023 (Sep 30, Virtual)
  4. Zebu Live 2023 (Oct 05-06, London, UK)
  5. Synopsis (Oct 05-06, Berlin, Germany)
  6. Best Of Blockchain (Oct 05-07, Istanbul, Turkey)
  7. Global Web3, Blockchain and Digital Assets Conference (Oct 17, Johannesburg, South Africa)
  8. Blockchain Dubai Exhibition & Summit (Oct 12-13, Dubai, UAE)
  9. Future Blockchain Summit (Oct 15-18, Dubai, UAE)
  10. The Financial Summit (Nov 05-10, Ras Al-Khaimah, UAE)

Upcoming Metaverse Events in 2023: Watch Out Now

  1. International Conference on Metaverse (Sep 23-26, Honolulu, USA)
  2. International Innovative Finance Expo (Sep 30-Oct 01, Abu Dhabi, UAE)
  3. CV Summit 2023 (Oct 03-04, Zug, Switzerland)
  4. 2nd annual Metaverse Summit (Oct 10-11, Los Angeles, USA)
  5. B2C 2023 (Oct 18-20, Corfu, Greece)
  6. European Metaverse Summit & Awards (Oct 18-19, Berlin, Germany)
  7. MoneyLive Nordic Banking (Oct 23-24, Copenhagen, Denmark)
  8. Metaverse Korea (Oct 24-27, Seoul, South Korea)
  9. Metaverse Expo Tokyo (Oct 25-27, Tokyo, Japan)
  10. Friends of the Metaverse: Season of Innovation 2023 (Dec 07-08, Virtual)

Upcoming Top DeFi Events in 2023: Let’s Attend

  1. Blockchain for Europe Summit (Sep 26-27, Brussels, Belgium)
  2. Meridian 2023 (Sep 26-28, Madrid, Spain)
  3. Islamic Finance & Banking Summit (Sep 27-28, Dubai, UAE)
  4. CCDAS (Oct 02-03, London, UK)
  5. Africa Money & DeFi Summit (Oct 03-04, Accra, Ghana)
  6. CV Summit 2023 (Oct 03-04, Zug, Switzerland)
  7. Digital Integration In Wealth Management (Oct 04-05, Zurich, Switzerland)
  8. European Metaverse Summit & Awards (Oct 18-19, Berlin, Germany)
  9. The MoneyShow (Oct 29-31, Florida, USA)
  10. Wiki Finance Expo (Nov 16, Sydney, Australia)

Upcoming Fintech Events to Attend in 2023

  1. FinTech As A Force For Good (Oct 05, London, UK)
  2. Milan Fintech Summit (Oct 09-11, Milan, Italy)
  3. Fintech Surge (Oct 15-18, Dubai, UAE)
  4. Fintech Unconference Mexico 2023 (Oct 18, Mexico City, Mexico)
  5. Finnovex West Africa (Oct 30-Nov 05, Nigeria, Lagos)
  6. FinTech Festival Tanzania 2023 (Nov 08-09, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania)
  7. Fintech Talents Festival (Nov 13-14, London, UK)
  8. Future Identity Festival (Nov 13-14, London, UK)
  9. Singapore FinTech Festival (Nov 15-17, Singapore)
  10. FinTech Connect 2023 (Dec 06-07, London, UK)

Top Upcoming Web3 Events 2023: Get Set to Attend

  1. EdgE Global AI & Web3 Investment Summit(Sep 25-27, Hong Kong)
  2. FIL Vegas 2023 (Oct 03-05, Ibiza, Spain)
  3. Ibiza NXT (Oct 04-06, Barcelona, Spain)
  4. SBC Summit Tbilisi(Oct 23-24, Tbilisi, Georgia)
  5. Wagmas web3 Summit (Oct 25-27, New York, USA)
  6. Entrance BDZ Web3 & Blockchain Zaragoza (Nov 28-29, Zaragoza, Spain)
  7. WN Conference (Nov 29-30, Tel Aviv, Israel)
  8. Wealth Transformation Summit (Nov 30, London, UK)
  9. Metamorphosis (Dec 09-10, Bengaluru, India)
  10. Web3BB (Dec 13-14, Tokyo, Japan)

Are we missing your blockchain or cryptocurrency event? Feel free to get in touch with us by sending us an email at [email protected].

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