6 Best VR Crypto Projects to Invest in 2023

Virtual reality crypto projects are a hot topic right now, considering the advancements of VR in the real world.

This guide sheds light on the best VR crypto projects making waves in 2023. Read on to discover the top VR crypto coins for growth investors.

What is VR Crypto?

Various cryptocurrency projects are working on VR concepts. Each project has its own native token, known as a VR cryptocurrency. The use case of VR cryptocurrencies varies depending on the project.

For example:

  • HERO tokens are required to use Metahero scanning technology. This scans humans and objects and replicates them in virtual worlds.
  • On the other hand, MANA tokens are required to buy plots of land in the Decentraland metaverse. Users can then build properties on the purchased land.
  • Then there’s CEEK VR, which has developed its own VR headset and 4D headphones. Those holding CEEK tokens will have exclusive access to celebrity-led virtual reality experiences.

That being said, even the best utility tokens are purchased for speculative reasons. This means that people buy VR cryptocurrencies to gain exposure to the respective project. For example, those investing in CUBE tokens will have exposure to the growth of Somnium Space.

best VR crypto coins

The value of crypto VR tokens will rise and fall, based on market forces. For example, if the VR crypto project continues to increase users, sales, and/or partnerships, this increases the likelihood of people buying its tokens. This can result in the value of the token increases.

However, do note that VR crypto tokens will also rise and fall based on broader market conditions. For instance, since the bear market began in late 2021, many VR crypto tokens have plummeted in value. Experienced investors will use this to their advanced. Meaning – some of the best VR crypto coins for 2023 are now trading at huge discounts.

Top VR Crypto Projects: Full Analysis

We will now unravel the best VR crypto projects for 2023.

We provide a comprehensive analysis of each project and why its native VR token could witness growth in the coming years.

1. Wall Street Memes (WSM) – Best Alternative to Virtual Reality Cryptocurrencies, With +1M Social Media Followers, Raised $9M so Far

While VR cryptocurrency projects have every chance of success in years to come, we found that much better opportunities are available elsewhere. At the forefront of this is Wall Street Memes. This is one of the best meme coins to hit the markets this year. It has taken inspiration from the WallStreetsBet group on Reddit, which is home to over 14 million members.

WallStreetBets is anti-Wall Street and aims to transition power from hedge funds to everyday citizens. Wall Street Memes follows this mindset and is spreading its message via fun yet powerful memes. According to the Wall Street Memes website, its memes receive over 40 million impressions each month. The project also claims to have a community of over one million followers.

Wall Street Memes

These are powerful metrics for meme coins to possess. After all, meme coins rise and fall based on hype. As meme coins generate more hype, this often results in a rapid upward trajectory. In terms of its roadmap, Wall Street Memes has already completed phase one. This includes its smart contact developing and building its community on Telegram, Twitter, and Discord.

The project is now in phase two of its roadmap. The primary focus here is completing its presale campaign and listing WSM tokens on exchanges. The presale is also ongoing and has raised over $9 million. This means Wall Street Memes could be one of the best crypto presales of 2023. What’s more, early investors are rewarded with a discounted cost price. This secures an upside before WSM is listed on its first exchange.

Wall Street Memes token

We should remind investors that meme coins and presales are both highly risky. While this marketplace can generate life-changing gains, it can also leave investors with worthless tokens. To ensure the project reaches the masses, it is notable that Wall Street Memes is allocating 50% of its token supply to marketing. This is already proving successful, considering how much the presale has raised.

Those new to presales should know the investment process is fast and simple. First, investors can visit the Wall Street Memes website and connect their wallet. Then, choose the preferred payment mode from ETH, USDT, BNB, and debit/credit cards. Finally, choose the number of WSM tokens to buy and complete the purchase. The presale is currently priced at $0.0298, meaning over 3,300 WSM tokens for every $100 invested.

2. Decentraland (MANA) – Metaverse Ecosystem Soon to Support VR Experiences

Decentraland is a popular metaverse project and one of the best VR cryptocurrencies to buy. It is built on the Ethereum blockchain and allows users to explore virtual worlds. There is no requirement for users to provide any personal information, allowing anonymous metaverse experiences with a virtual avatar. Decentraland allows users to customize their avatar any way they want.

This is how they will be viewed by other people in the metaverse. Not only can users socialize and play games, but Decentraland supports virtual real estate. First, users will need to purchase a plot of land, payable in MANA tokens. This is a crypto token native to Decentraland and is required for all metaverse transactions. After buying land, users can begin building their dream home.

Decentraland price chart

In fact, any type of property can be developed, such as a football stadium, hotel, or theme park. Decentraland even enables users to monetize their land. For example, they could sell tickets to a virtual experience on their land. Monetization is also possible by selling virtual land on the Decentraland marketplace. Land valuations are extremely volatile, especially since the bear market began. As such, the metaverse real estate space is currently. buyer’s market.

Nonetheless, while Decentraland will eventually support VR headsets, this feature is not currently available. In the meantime, VR crypto investors can buy MANA tokens at a huge discount. This is because the value of MANA has declined by over 93% since its bear market high, as per CoinMarketCap. We found that eToro is one of the best crypto exchanges for buying MANA, considering its low fees and regulated framework.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product.

3. CEEK VR (CEEK) – Virtual Streaming Experiences With a Native VR Headset and 4D Headphones

CEEK VR is an up-and-coming virtual reality project that offers a variety of products and services. This includes a comprehensive virtual streaming This includes a virtual reality streaming platform with immersive experiences. For example, users can view live performances from Lady Gaga, Ringo Starr, and Stephen Marley.

CEEK VR also offers sports experiences, as well as virtual learning and arts. In addition to its streaming platform, CEEK VR manufactures virtual reality headsets. This retails for just $99 and is compatible with most smartphones. Virtual experiences can be accessed via the CEEK VR app. CEEK VR has also launched 4D headphones that come with vibration feelings.

Ceek VR price chart

This takes its immersive experiences to the next level. CEEK VR also has a native crypto token, CEEK. The tokens operate on the ERC20 standard. When first hitting the markets in 2018, CEEK was priced at $0.05506. Its all-time high of $1.4 was secured at the peak of the bear market in 2021. CEEK tokens are now trading 95% below their all-time high.

4. Somnium Space (CUBE) – Metaverse Gaming Ecosystem Supporting Oculus Headsets

Launched in 2021, Somnium Space has made huge strides with its virtual reality ecosystem. It has developed a metaverse game that comes packed with features. This includes immersive worlds that can be explored with VR headsets. Not only does it support Oculus but also Vive and SteamVR.

Within the Somnium Space metaverse, users can explore, socialize, and make friends. Somnium Space also allows users to invest in its metaverse. Just like Decentraland, users can buy plots of land and build properties. Somnium Space comes with a simple yet highly intuitive design builder, allowing users to develop any real estate project of their choosing.

Somnium Space (CUBE)

Any land purchases and real estate developments made are backed by NFTs. This ensures users have full ownership of their metaverse investments. Another notable feature of Somnium Space is it supports multiple devices. Its metaverse can be accessed through web browsers or native desktop software. The main drawback here is that only Windows is supported.

Mac users will need to opt for the browser-based version. Nonetheless, Somnium Space has its own native VR token, CUBE. According to CoinMarketCap, CUBE has a market capitalization of $16 million. Like many VR cryptocurrencies, CUBE continues to witness volatility. It was initially launched at $4.81 before hitting highs of $25 in late 2021. Currently, CUBE is trading at just $1.25

5. Metahero (HERO) – 3D Scanning Technology for Life-Like Metaverse Avatars

We also found that Metahero is one of the best VR crypto projects for 2023. This innovative project has developed 3D scanning technology for life-like metaverse experiences. Users must visit a Metahero location, which currently includes Zurich and Warsaw. Metahero will also be rolling out to London, Tokyo, New York, and Dubai.

Its technology scans people and then transports their images into metaverse worlds. This allows users to appear as themselves. What’s more, scanning images can be adapted, allowing users to wear any apparel of their choosing. What we really like about Metahero is that its native token, HERO, has real-world utility.

Metahero Price

HERO must be used to pay for scanning sessions. Each booking costs 8,090 HERO tokens. Based on current Metahero prices, this values each session at just $25. If the technology becomes mainstream, this will increase demand for HERO. Currently, HERO has a market capitalization of just $16 million. Current prices are 98% below HERO’s all-time high, which was achieved in December 2021.

6. VIBE (VIBE) – Trending VR and AU Project With 24-Hour Gains of 90%

VIBE is one of the most trending cryptocurrencies right now, with the VR token increasing by over 90% in the prior 24 hours alone. That said, VIBE has a tiny market capitalization, currently at just under $600,000. As such, investors should expect further volatility.

Nevertheless, VIBE has developed an ecosystem that offers both virtual and augmented reality experiences. For example, users can explore a space-like universe with life-like graphics. Additional experiences include virtual games, dates, and music concerts. Experiences can be enhanced by using a compatible VR headset.

VIBE price chart

Multiple device types are supported, including an app for iOS and Android. Desktop users can access VIBE via standard browsers. We also like that VIBE is built on the Polygon network. This ensures that in-game transactions are fast and seamless. Investors that like the sound of VIBE can buy its native token from HitBTC or Uniswap.

Tips on Selecting the Best VR Crypto Tokens: Our Criteria

Still not sure how to pick the best VR crypto tokens to buy?

Read on to find out how we rank the leading projects from this niche market.

Type of Crypto VR Project

The first port of call is to explore how the crypto VR project fits into the broader virtual reality landscape. In this regard, it’s best to diversify across many different niches to ensure the portfolio is well-balanced.

For example, CEEK VR has built an all-in-one virtual reality ecosystem. This begins with its virtual streaming platform. This offers immersive experiences, allowing users to watch sports, concerts, and more with a VR headset. CEEK VR has also released its own VR headset, alongside 4D headphones.

CEEK VR headset

Then there are metaverse platforms like Decentraland and Somnium Space. These projects allow users to explore virtual worlds and experiences. Users can also socialize and make friends, not to mention buy virtual plots of land. Somnium Space has a head start on Decentraland, considering it already supports Oculus and other popular VR headsets. This feature will come to Decentraland in the near future.

Another angel to consider is Metahero. This crypto VR project offers scanning sessions to the general public. Users can get their face scanned and import it into their chosen metaverse worlds. Metahero charges just $25 per session, so has the potential to scale rapidly.

Utility Within the VR Ecosystem

We came across plenty of VR crypto tokens that have no actual use case. While this isn’t necessarily a reason to avoid the project, people will only buy the token for speculative purposes.

In contrast, we found that the best VR crypto tokens have utility.

This simply means the tokens are required for a specific product or service within the VR ecosystem.

  • For example, we mentioned above that Decentraland and Somnium Space are metaverse projects that allow users to buy virtual plots of land.
  • The only way to do this is to use the project’s native tokens, MANA and CUBE, respectively.
  • These native tokens are also required to buy metaverse collectibles, such as apparel and NFTs.

Metahero is one of the best VR crypto coins for real-world applications. As noted, HERO tokens are the payment currency when booking scanning sessions. The hope is that as more and more people use the technology, the demand for HERO increases.

Upside Potential

Considering the upside potential is also important when assessing the best VR crypto projects. This can be challenging, especially taking broader market conditions into account.

For example, the crypto markets remain in a bearish cycle. This means not only VR coins but most cryptocurrencies are trading at huge declines. Nonetheless, this offers a good opportunity to invest while prices are cheap.

When evaluating the upside potential, a good starting point is to look at the market capitalization. Many crypto VR investors look for projects with a small market capitalization, and they have more room to grow.

Many of the VR crypto tokens discussed today are valued at under $20 million.

Compatibility With Leading VR Headsets

It’s all good and well launching VR games, experiences, and metaverses. However, if projects do not support leading VR headsets, they will struggle to attract users.

Somnium Space is a great example here. This metaverse project not only supports Oculus headsets but also SteamVR and HTC Vive. This opens its metaverse world to the masses, considering how much of a market share these VR headsets have.

That said, there are also crypto VR projects like CEEK VR, which do not support third-party headsets. Instead, users need to buy the CEEK VR headset, which is native to the project. This could hinder the project’s growth if better-performing headsets are available elsewhere.

Are VR Crypto Tokens Worth Buying?

Before investing in VR crypto projects, it is important to assess the pros and cons of this niche market.

Here’s what to consider before proceeding:

Access to Low-Cap Gems

One of the main benefits of investing in VR tokens is that there are many low-cap gems in the market. This refers to up-and-coming VR projects that are yet to truly blossom.

This allows investors to gain exposure when the VR project has a small market capitalization. While it can take several years for new cryptocurrencies to take off, returns can be sizable if the project is successful.

Pureplay VR Investments

Crypto VR projects allow investors to gain direct explore to virtual reality. This is because the performance of VR tokens often reflects the project’s real-world successes.

  • For example, when Decentraland eventually offers support for VR headsets, this is likely to have a positive impact on the value of MANA.
  • Similarly, once Metahero expands its 3D scanning network to more countries and cities, this could also benefit the price of its native token, HERO.

In contrast, pureplay VR investments in the traditional stock space are challenging. This is also the case with ETFs that track VR-related stocks. The key issue is that market leaders are not exclusively involved in virtual reality.


For instance, consider an investor that wants exposure to Oculus. The VR headset company is owned by Meta Platforms. As such, the only way to invest is to buy Meta Platforms stock.

The problem here is that Oculus forms a very small percentage of Meta Platform’s portfolio. As such, this won’t be suitable for investors that simply want exposure to VR.

Huge Growth Potential

Virtual reality is a huge growth market.

  • For example, according to Grand View Research, the virtual reality market was worth $28.41 billion in 2022.
  • The research company expects the market to reach $87 billion by 2030.

However, these estimates are very conservative.

For instance, Vantage Market Research estimates that by 2030, the virtual reality market will be worth more than $248 billion.

Either way, there is no denying that the virtual reality landscape is only in its infancy. After all, some of the largest companies globally are investing in VR technologies, concepts, and hardware. In addition to Meta Platforms, this includes Microsoft, Samsung, Alphabet, and Apple.


Virtual reality is a huge growth market, and there are plenty of crypto projects that offer direct exposure to its future potential.

However, in the industry’s current form, there are better investment opportunities elsewhere. In particular, the brand-new meme coin project Wall Street Memes offers an attractive value proposition.

Currently in presale, Wall Street Memes is offering its native WSM tokens at a discount.