List of Crypto Gaming Guilds for developers and 3 mistakes by Gary Gensler that could cost him his post at the SEC

Hello entrepreneurs! The work week is coming to an end and that means it’s time to find out what’s new in the Web3 world and how aspiring founders can make their idea even more effective and productive.

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Well the tech industry giants continue to delight us with their solutions — this week Google Cloud launched a program for Web3 startups to help budding projects scale faster. The Google subsidiary is offering startups up to $200,000 in funding over two years, as well as technical support. Projects will get early access to Google Cloud’s #Web3 products and training on the latest cloud technologies.

The Google Cloud program offers two levels of assistance to startups. The first is open to new projects that are in the pre-seed round of funding and are funded by an institutional investor or fund. The second tier of the programme offers support for startups that have gone from seed to Series A funding. These projects will get access to the Discord channel with the Google Cloud Web3 product, developments, partners and other startups that participate in the programme. Well that’s pretty good and will surely help a lot of active entrepreneurs!

Another big news from the crypto world: the Lens team (social networking protocol Web3), has announced the launch of a new Layer 3 network for scaling social networking applications with blockchain. The new network, called Bonzai, processes and stores messages, comments and posts, taking this data outside of the Polygon Labs network and thereby increasing scalability for Lens. This is an incredibly big step for the development of Web3!

Now let’s talk about some other news and opportunities for YOUR business!

Find new partners in our comprehensive List of Crypto Gaming Guilds

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P2E game developers often find it difficult to find partners who share their vision, making it difficult to bring their ideas to life. We decided to help the founders of gaming startups and compiled a list of 30 carefully selected and analyzed gaming guilds. Now developers can easily find like-minded people with whom they will be on the same page!

But what is a Web3 gaming guild, you may ask? It’s a decentralized group of gamers, investors and managers who are passionate about Web3 games and blockchain technology. These guilds acquire gaming NFTs and offer them to community members as part of scholarship programmes, giving members the opportunity to participate in Web3 games and share the rewards they earn.

In our list you can find information about each gaming guild, which includes:

  • Website and Twitter links
  • Community size in Discord
  • Guild description
  • Investors and games they work with
  • Key opinion leaders (KOLs) who follow the guild on social media

Crypto gaming guilds are one of the main assets for GameFi startups, offering:

  • Investing in promising Web3 game projects and lowering entry barriers for most players.
  • A way to acquire NFT in-game assets and make them available to players to earn money.
  • Strong community connections that can be used to expand the user base.

To learn more about Web3 gaming guilds, go to the InnMind platform and check out this list here

Improve your pitch deck with a CoinList presentation

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One of the biggest challenges that entrepreneurs face is creating the perfect pitch deck that captures the essence of the startup and demonstrates the potential of the business in the most compelling way. How do you develop a pitch deck that hits all the right notes and touches an investor’s heartstrings? It’s not an easy task, but the good news is you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. By studying examples of successful pitch decks from other startups, you can better understand what venture investors want to see in your presentation.

You can find a great example of a successful pitch deck in our Knowledge Base — a presentation by CoinList, a leading platform for cryptocurrency and Web3 startups. With this pitch deck, they managed to raise $100 million in Series A funding from top-tier investors in 2021 and reach a staggering valuation of $1.5 billion.

By studying the CoinList pitch deck, you will be able to:

  • Understand how startup unicorn Web3 created a compelling story for investors.
  • Learn a successful Series A approach to fundraising.
  • Discover the key elements and pitch deck structure that attract cryptocurrency venture capitalists.
  • Gain inspiration for creating your own crypto or Web3 startup pitch deck to attract potential investors.

Ready to improve your approach to pitching your startup? Then download the CoinList pitch deck for FREE right now

Will Bitcoin grow in 2023? Yes! There are 3 reasons for the major cryptocurrency to grow!

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Have you heard the news about how venture capitalist and former CTO of cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase Balaji Srinivasan has made a bet on the value of Bitcoin rising to $1 million in the next 90 days? He wrote on his Twitter that he believes the world could soon be slammed with hyperbitcoinization, where the BTC will become full-fledged digital gold. Does this sound like something unbelievable? It may well be. However, there is also room for truth in his words. Many experts are predicting a rise in Bitcoin’s value this year — and there are three good reasons for that.

The first is the macroeconomic push. With the ongoing global economic turmoil, it’s no surprise that people are looking for alternative investment options to preserve their wealth. Bitcoin, with its limited supply and decentralized nature, represents a promising solution.

Secondly, self-service is becoming more popular than ever. People are beginning to take control of their own assets, and Bitcoin is ideally suited to this trend. With no need for third-party intermediaries, it can be stored securely in a cold wallet.

Last but not least, fears of inflation are causing people to turn to Bitcoin more often. As traditional currencies lose value to inflation, many turn to it as a hedge against that risk.

So, here’s just a summary of our big piece on Bitcoin’s recovery in 2023. To read the full article go to our blog

3 mistakes by Gary Gensler that could cost him his SEC post

On April 17, SEC Chairman Gary Gensler appeared before the House Financial Services Committee. Ohio Representative Warren Davidson gave the SEC head the toughest questioning of the session and listed a number of reasons why Gensler should resign. Here are 3 fatal mistakes Gensler has made during his tenure:

1. Lack of clear algorithms for action. One of the main complaints about Gary Gensler’s job at the SEC is that lawsuits and investigations take a long time: the Commission’s case against Ripple, for example, has been ongoing for several years and could drag on until 2026.

2. Too many new rules. One of the SEC’s key tasks is to propose new rules on financial markets. In 2022, the regulator has submitted 26 proposals for new rules. This is twice as many as in 2021 and the highest number in five years. For some policymakers, Gensler’s actions look highly controversial.

3. The hiring of unqualified staff at the SEC. The SEC has a very high turnover rate, with 6.4% in 2022, the highest rate in a decade. As a result, the financial regulator is increasingly relying on temporary staff. Such staff are often inexperienced in rule-making.

And of course Gary Gensler’s very speech in the House of Representatives has become a «red rag» for the crypto community. He has already been criticized for his hypocrisy and aggressively expanding the scope of his regulation to solve problems that don’t exist.

So what’s going on with regulation in the crypto market and is Gary Gensler really an incompetent crypto cop? We’ve compiled all the highlights of the SEC chief’s failed 5-hour speech into one piece

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