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Blockchain Technology has evolved from 1.0 to 3.0 since Bitcoin was created in 2009. Over the past couple of years, blockchain wallets as the door to this technology are already fully-functional. It was from a single-chain wallet only available for storing, receiving &sending bitcoin at the very first beginning to multi-chain wallets which are not only able to store assets, but also a blockchain ecological service platform for now.

Following up ETH, EOS and Ripple,IOST is the fourth public blockchain with consensus algorithm proof of believability ( PoB )& scalability-available. It is more decentralized than the chain with DPoS like EOS and also more scalable than the chain with smart contract like ETH. More and more users and developers choose IOST because of its advantage in ecosystem, which make it known as the most potential fourth public blockchain.

Wallets as the tool, the part of the ecosystem of public blockchain, they are important entrance to the world of blockchain. That’s to say, IOST wallets would be one of key elements for IOST ecosystem. Lots of well-known blockchain wallets partner with IOST after its mainnet set up. With experience and technology advantage they had accumulated in blockchain, with the support they could get from IOST ,wallet users would be provided easier, efficient & secure digital assets management and contents-friendly & function-powerful DApp. That’s to say, users of IOST could enjoy powerful assets management and IOST ecosystem by using IOST wallets.

IOST Account and Wallet

Different with BTC&ETH which are long & irregular hash address, IOST is account system, operations on it based on unit of accounts.

An account of IOST consists of 5-11 characters in terms of letter, number and underline. It is customized by users like they do on Alipay & Wechat. IOST account system is more close to your life than other public blockchain.

Creation by activation code

Most of new users don’t know how to use resources paying fee to create an account, here is an easier way to do it.

Take TokenPocket wallet (TP wallet) as example, choosing activation code when you are the first time to create IOST account. This way is to convert resource fee to fiat currency, Alipay, Wechat or Paypal are available to pay for the resource fee which is very easy for new users to operate.

tokenpocket 1589877014166

iost en 1

Creation by Friend

This way is to ask other IOST accounts to pay resource fee for new account. Either paying from friend’s IOST account or asking friend to pay for you. Forward information of creating a new account in wallets to your friend, it will be activated after your friend paid. Of course it’s still ok when you are the real one to pay it.


Creation by Pledge

This way is to lock up 10 IOST from another IOST account to create a new account. Users can pledge by using IOSTABC explorer to do it, however an iWallet is required to install and log in IOST account before start creation.

Creation for free

This way would ignite new users and let them join in IOST ecosystem with zero charge. Initial resource fee will be absorbed by partner nodes themselves. Here are two ways to do it.

1、Creation for free by TokenPocket

Users could get IOST activation code for free by joining in TP wallets of IOST community.

2、Creation for free by Jetstream

Jetstream is a web plugin wallet, users could create a IOST account directly in Jetstream with free charge. The only thing users need to do is “choosing IOST”from the task of “adding wallets”, then “creating a new wallet”, “recording private key”, “typing in user’s name”, a new free IOST account is created.

tokenpocket 1589877820126

tokenpocket 1589877837683

Moreover, private key is a length more than 64 bits/characters, it is really hard to remember. Jetstream provide storing key to Google Cloud which is dual-encryption. It’s up to users whether use it or not.A IOST account is ok to do receiving& sending tokens, voting to partner nodes etc.

3、Get back the wallet

tokenpocket 1591600143467

When users accidently unload a IOST wallet and it’s ok to get it back with private key. With private key, the user can import IOST wallet again and all assets and information inside keep the same. The user install TokenPocket first, choosing “I have wallet”, selecting “IOST wallet”, adding account and importing private key, setting a password for wallet and clicking “import wallet”. Users’ IOST wallet is got back successfully.

IOST Token and Wallet

IOST Token Issuance

IOST Token has a total token supply of 21,000,000,000 IOST. As the number of users using the system increases, the tokens that are pledged and destroyed will also increase, so the IOST economic model is deflationary. Also the new annual issuance is only the volume had been destroyed, which means total supply will keep 21 billion all the time. Moreover, IOST foundation freed 7.35 billion IOST which was locked up from 2018 to the end of 2019, they promised the TOKEN will be used for development of ecosystem.

Being developed by the IOST team in 2018, this blockchain is based on Proof of Believability consensus verification. In comparison with PoS, PoB allows a blockchain to keep its decentralized nature while remaining secure and scalable. The work of producing block is finished by nodes in IOST.

Pledge Token as the important Autonomous mechanism in system of blockchain. Partner nodes will gain more pledge tokens when they serve constantly, distribute code and join in management of IOST community.

Token holder with pledge could vote candidates and decide which one would be partner node, running IOST mainnet and joining community management, to help further grow and develop IOST ecosystem. More community members are encouraged to join this process and to gain more rewards.


1、IOST official NFT standard protocol

The common Token we knew like IOST is basically the same, each IOST is no different with other IOST, just like 2 pieces of 100RMB. They can be exchanged and divided. However the main feature of NFT is each NFT is a unique mark and two of them cannot be exchanged, also the minimal unit of NFT is 1, can’t be divided as IOST.

The official NFT standard protocol was launched by IOST on April, 2020. Developers can use it directly (providing base of issuance), which decrease complexity of join and development. It is more easily for developers to issue NFT assets. Moreover, this protocol lets NFT that based on IOST public chain keep the same standard, lets NFT assets are convenient to circulate (unifying issuance and same circulating standard) and brings possibility of letting NFT assets be reused in different scenes or between games.

To users, the promotion from IOST for NFT assets’ application could promote digital assets like game assets to be NFT standard, which bring digital assets authentication, solving security issues and boosting circulation of digital assets in IOST ecosystem. Also, the strategy we can see IOST puts on NFT will bring more development to IOST ecosystem.

IRC721 defines NFT standard in IOST ecosystem, 6 main features in total:

  • Main feature of IRC721 is “Non-Fungible Token”, call NFT for short. Each IRC721 has a unique NFT mark and only one Owner.
  • Considered fully about application of digital assets/collections, bringing standard operation on cross-chain transfer. This will make issuers to operate with more liberty.
  • Stable information storage (EXT) and additional information (META) are distinguished based on features of digital assets/collections, it is more closer to the need of production.
  • Locking transfer mechanism to be drawn up for digital assets/collections, more flexibility can be seen during the issuance of NFT assets.
  • Fuction of blacklist management to provide necessary skill to manage like game and entertainment applications.
  • IRC721 will be the leader in the new generation of NFT assets protocol.

If you are interested in joining IOST official NFT protocol, here is the file you can check IRC721:

Thanks for the partner node XPET and their contribution about fulfilling process of IRC 721 protocol.

The first game assets exchange platform which support NFT cross-chain transfer in IOST blockchain was launched on Apr 13th -It is the LOOT platform.

2、NFT assets exchange platform in IOST blockchain-LOOT

tokenpocket 1589879661287


LOOT game assets exchange platform was found on Jan, 2020. It was developed by XPET team and start service on IOST blockchain at 13th of Apr.

As a comprehensive game assets exchange platform, LOOT aims to compromise traditional games and blockchain games, to show value of “game assets authentication” and “efficient circulation”, same game assets can be reused and migrated between multiple games.

To game developers, this platform provides them issuance of game assets and services of selling on-shelf.

To game users, this platform provides one-stop service like purchasing, selling, mortgaging and leasing.

Three advantages of LOOT:

  • Multiple types of game are compatible

Traditional games, internet games and blockchain games are all compatible, which attract more and wider users and improve circulation between various games.

  • Various crypto assets protocol are supported

Mainstream NFT standard protocol like IOST IRC721 and EOS UCAT are supported and later other blockchain assets protocol like Ethereum and Cocos will be supported as well.

  • Blockchain game assets on cross-chain transfer are supported

Support mainstream NFT game assets like IOST and EOS blockchain to cross-chain transfer.

LOOT is now available on TokenPocket wallet, BEPAL wallet, DappBirds wallet and DAppX wallet, welcome community users log in these wallets to enjoy.

Voting for IOST Nodes

1、Voting Rules:

  • Pledge 1 IOST = 1 ticket, 1 ticket votes only once.
  • One account could vote more than one candidate, and the candidates could vote to themselves.
  • The token has been pledged to purchase resources with no voting right.
  • The token is asked back from pledge needs to be frozen 3days. Rewords stops immediately with the action of stopping pledge/Redemption.
  • Redemption is required before revise previous votes. Voting right recovers after 3 frozen days end.

2、Redemptive Rules:

It is ok to redeem all votes that had been voted to one node before or just redeem part of it. After 3 frozen days with action of redemption, voter would get IOST back. Again, when you want to revise votes, redemption is required in advance.

3、Voting Rewards Rules:

Voters will be rewarded daily from incentives of the selected node partner and quarterly from the dividends which are 50% incentives of ecosystem distribution. No rewards from producing blocks and other incentives.

Authority of IOST only divides rewards by number of partner nodes, voters could get their own part by voting ratio from partner nodes. Note: voting rewards are not automatically divided in voter’s IOST account, they are required to do by hand.

4、Voting Methods:

  • Vote by IOST wallets

Choosing the node you are going to vote on voting window page of IOST wallets, clicking button of “vote”, typing in number of IOST you are going to vote and completing the voting process.

iost en 3

  • Vote by IOSTABC blockchain explorer

Choosing the node you are going to vote on voting window page of IOSTABC, clicking button of “vote” and completing the voting process.

tokenpocket 1589881605335

  • Vote by IOST voting tool IOST voting tool was developed by partner node “LieBI”,it is a tool for vote and dividend on the blockchian. Voters could get daily dividends with clicking one button.

IOST voting tool is a type of H5 (HTML5) product, users can join in voting tool and log in IOST account via DApp explorer, voting to nodes of IOST, receiving rewards and redemption operations etc.

tokenpocket 1589860618067

  • Special Voting method-Mining pool: Mining pool is a financing mechanism based on PoS verification, users get rewards from mining pool by using IOST Token.

LieBi IOST mining pool

Mining process in LieBi IOST mining pool is converting IOST to VOST, 1 VOST=1 IOST,mining rewards will be calculated the minute when conversion is done and will be sent to users in the term of VOST per day. Compound interest can be seen because everyday’s VOST would be second day’s investment.

Different with votes for ordinary nodes, redemption in Leibi pool is process of stopping mining. It is the way to revert VOST to IOST. Users could choose redemption through normal process which waits for 3days or choose Lightning redemption with a certain charge which get IOST immediately.

tokenpocket 1589881823278

Huobi IOST mining pool

Mining process in Huobi IOST mining pool is converting IOST to HPT. HPT is the ticket to mine in huobi pool. HPT holders could join construction of huobi pool ecosystem and be rewarded HPT back. Digital assets being locked up, vote and PoW computing power work are three ways to mine HPT. Voting to IOST nodes through huobi pool is the second way.

Moving IOST to huobi pool account is a must before you start to mine, and then voting to nodes on the page of mining of vote.

tokenpocket 1589881365394

IOST partner nodes

As the holder of IOST tokens, we need to know situations of each IOST partner node and how these nodes run as the partner.

1、 Introduction of IOST partner nodes mechanism

Organizations or individual interested in becoming a node must apply and receive at least 2,100,000 votes. Completing application form will become candidates first. Click here to find application form:

Receiving at least 2,100,000 votes (1 IOST=1 vote) is the requirement to be a partner node, no extra physical technology requirements, IOST will support them in technology with all aspects. However nodes for producing blocks require at least 10,000,000 votes. All partner nodes could be rewarded 4% of total supply, 840,000,000 IOST. Among it, 25% is form selected node rewards, 25% is form block production and 50% is form contribution.

2、Acknowledge of IOST partner nodes

Name, total votes, annualized return and number of producing blocks etc. all details of partner nodes can be check from IOST ABC block explorer.

tokenpocket 1589881223203

Moreover, pay attention to quarter ranking of partner nodes, it will help us to vote those who really contributed well to the community.

Here are part of outstanding IOST partner nodes iost en 4

Token issuance based on IOST

Anyone could issue token from IOST mainnet. It is very easy to do it, there is “one-button” tool of issuance developed by partner node IOST TOOL to help users issue their own tokens.

1、Issuance of token by TokenPocket

Found application of IOST one-button issuance from specific IOST interface in TP wallets and open it.

tokenpocket 1589881889137

Typing in Token name, issuance volume, accuracy and illustration of token and then clicking “creation”, with signal of success to click issuance.

Note: Please make sure your account is with enough iRAM because issuance would consume IOST resources/iRAM.

2、Issuance of token by IOST tool website

An iWallet plugin wallet is required to download and install before using IOST Tool website to issue tokens. Log in iWallet, typing 4 key elements of Token name, issuance volume, accuracy and illustration of token in “one-button issuance of token” website , enjoying the token issued by yourself. From IOST block explorer like iostabc,the token issued by yourself can be seen on it with issuer, name of token, illustration of token and number of holders etc. IOST wallets are asked to apply for recording tokens if you want to manage the tokens issued by yourself in your wallets.

tokenpocket 1589882062078

IOST Token information

1、How do you get hold of IOST ?

Users can purchase IOST Token by trading from exchanges and spot swap.

Trading on Exchanges

IOST tokens can be purchased from over 100 exchanges which include major exchanges like Binance, huobi and OKEx. Aggregation exchanges are better choice when you want to get IOST Token in better price. Taking TP exchange for example, one account is ok to trade in Binance, Huobi and OKEx, this way would help you to get best present trading price.

Lightning Swap

Lightning Swap is a very quick way to exchange one token to IOST. It is like “on the counter” trading model in Bank, trades can be done in the real time.

tokenpocket 1589882209751

How to transfer IOST?

(1)A certain resource will be consumed in the process of transfer

There must be enough IOST resources stored in an account before transfer. The resources are iRAM which need to be purchased by IOST and iGAS which need to be pledged by IOST.

tokenpocket 1589882688949

(2)Three ways of transfer

  • Ordinary transfer (between IOST accounts)

This way is Transfer between individual IOST accounts, no need memo information, only need receiving account name and quantity of transfer.

  • Transfer from exchanges to IOST wallet accounts

This way is withdraw IOST tokens of exchanges to your own wallet/IOST account, no need memo information. For example, only information of IOST wallet account, quantity of IOST you are going to withdraw is required to take IOST out from Huobi Exchange.

tokenpocket 1589882793256

  • Transfer from IOST wallet accounts to exchanges

From above information you have known that creation of IOST account consumes certain resources. Exchanges choose all IOST deposit accounts the same to save cost. The only information to recognize different users is memo information. Thus, this way is asking users to make sure memo information created per rules of exchanges correct. For example, transfer volume, receiving account and memo information are must when users try to deposit IOST to Huobi account. No memo (label of address) information will make transfer fail.

tokenpocket 1589882918549

(3)Easier ways to transfer

To provide more easier ways to content varies users for transfer, there are direct transfer, address book transfer and QR code transfer etc. for users to choose.

tokenpocket 1589957897901

Direct transfer: click “confirmation” when you finished typing in information of receiving account, quantity of transfer and memo.

Address book transfer: It is like our contact list in our mobile phone, putting accounts in address book of your wallet and choosing one account you are going to transfer is ok. This way is super convenient for the account you transfer frequently to save time and avoid errors.

QR code transfer: Scan the QR code like we do for Wechat and Alipay to transfer to specific account.

Also, a function of recent transfer is ok to proceed. The recent account you have done transfer will be shown automatically. This way is super convenient for the account you transfer frequently to save time and avoid errors as well.

Anyway, no matter which way you choose from address book, QR code and recent transfer, they all are ok to avoid typo.

How to receive IOST?

Action of receiving IOST is completed in wallets, sending IOST account or its QR code to the one who are going to transfer IOST to you. waiting for them to transfer tokens to you.

What can you do with IOSTtoken?

1、Transfer and vote when you hold IOST token

The most common functions are receiving and sending tokens via IOST wallets. However, holders could be rewarded by voting partner nodes and at the same time involving further development of IOST ecosystem.

2、 Enjoy IOST DApp

IOST Token is like a ticket for all Dapps in IOST ecosystem. Holders could enjoy all DApps via wallet browser of supporting IOST DApp. Take game DApps for example, there are over 60 types of game issued on IOST blockchain. Token holders could not only enjoy all kinds of games like raising pets, card strategies and world of monsters but also get dividends from games like encrypted three kingdoms and attacking cities etc.

tokenpocket 1589883131663

3、Trade in centralized and decentralized exchanges

Holders are ok to trade in decentralized exchange IOSTDEX or in centralized exchanges we have introduced above.

IOST Wallet application

In addition to the functions have been introduced above, there are lots of other functions. Taking TokenPocket for example, common functions like collecting assets to one account from couples of IOST accounts, White list, Access management, IOST Explorer, Adjustment of wallets position, Viewing information related to IOST etc.

IOST assets collection

Assets collection is collecting assets to assigned account from all of your other IOST accounts. Users could assign which one and others will be receiving account and sending account by hand. The more accounts will be collected and the longer time will be taken for block production confirmation. There might have one or several accounts, process of confirmation fail. However it is totally no influence with other okay processes and loss of assets. Users can transfer one more time for the fail ones when network is stable later.

IOST white list

DApp white list is to authorize a certain DApp, no need repetitive operations when specific contract is already in white list. Sometimes when we enjoy a DApp and have to interact with the contract, repetitive authorizations are an awful experience.

tokenpocket 1589883332729

Access management

Each account is with its key and each key owns exclusive access to one IOST account. Generally one IOST account has two accesses by default: owner and active.

Owner: It’s ownership of account, managing Active and other roles. Approval is required to change an account’s ownership.

Active: It’s for ordinary use, transfer, vote and other turn of accounts.

tokenpocket 1589883386004

In addition to initial access management, TokenPocket is ok to add, delete and turn a lot of owner/active managements. These functions will meet users with requirement of multi-assignment. With the operation of adding/changing access management of IOST accounts, a new key pair (public key& private key) will be created, please do make sure you will keep well the new private key and default access management in maximum is 100 and can not be revised.

Note: This function is an advanced feature, please do distribute your access managements and keep well the private key.

IOST Explorer

Blockchain explorer is the window to information of blockchain, all contents that have been recorded in blocks can be seen in blockchain explorer. Common IOST Explorers is ABC browser and extremely easy browser All information about IOST can be check from IOST Explorer like basic data: latest blocks, transaction volume, number of accounts, supply of tokens etc. detailed info about account: transaction, balance and pledge of token and partner nodes: rank, votes, number of producing blocks.

Search code, repositories, users, issues, pull requests...

Adjustment of wallets position

Users could adjust wallets position to make sure they see the account being used frequently at the first sight when they own more than one account. It’s quite convenient for them to change over between accounts and assets management.

Viewing information related to IOST

As IOST ecosystem users, they could get latest price, news and articles of IOST via browsers.

Search code, repositories, users, issues, pull requests...

IOST developer and wallets

IOST is a new generation blockchain with high performance, scalable, stable infrastructure and excellent underlying architecture. More and more developers are attracted to join IOST ecosystem. However lack knowledge of public chain and no enough tools for developers to use, the action of development on blockchain is more difficult than traditional development for developers.

Search code, repositories, users, issues, pull requests...

A wallet as the entrance of DApps,its role is not only help users to enjoy DApp but also help DApp to win more users. At the same time, it needs to bring good experiences to users and public chain and also bring power to developers as well. That’s the reason wallets will provide tools to support IOST developers.

Take TokenPocket for example, it provides Android and iOS mobile SDK to IOST developers, TP wallet will be activated with developers using SDK to have accounts log in and contract operation etc. Webview of TP wallets is compatible with IOST protocol, DApp developed on IOST can be tested directly by putting URL to DApp explorer in wallets, then function of authorized signature etc. will be active in DApp explorer of TP wallets.

Above all, the IOST blockchain performs well and with low gas consuming which is ready for better DApps and mass adoptions. At the same time, service of wallets and IOST developer, bringing assist and help to users, both are distributing well for better practical public blockchain. SDK 链接: SDK link

IOST wallets

  • Decentralized wallet

Search code, repositories, users, issues, pull requests... Search code, repositories, users, issues, pull requests... Search code, repositories, users, issues, pull requests... Search code, repositories, users, issues, pull requests... Search code, repositories, users, issues, pull requests... Search code, repositories, users, issues, pull requests... Search code, repositories, users, issues, pull requests... Search code, repositories, users, issues, pull requests...

  • Hardware wallet

Search code, repositories, users, issues, pull requests...

  • Plugin wallet

Search code, repositories, users, issues, pull requests... Search code, repositories, users, issues, pull requests...

IOST wallet knowledge

IOST common questions

IOST contact

Search code, repositories, users, issues, pull requests... Search code, repositories, users, issues, pull requests... Search code, repositories, users, issues, pull requests... Search code, repositories, users, issues, pull requests... Search code, repositories, users, issues, pull requests... Search code, repositories, users, issues, pull requests... Search code, repositories, users, issues, pull requests...

Search code, repositories, users, issues, pull requests...

Wechat group:


《从 0 到 1 入门 IOST 钱包》,is a detailed introduction to new users of IOST wallet. It is created together with TokenPocket, authority of IOST and volunteers of TP community. Take examples combining IOST wallet with IOST ecosystem, it is the most detailed material of introduction you can see in the market.

1.Copyright is reserved by TokenPocket 2.It is ok to forward or recommend with the purpose of nonprofit when get approval from TokenPocket. At the same time please indicate the source. 3.references:,author:TokenPocket。 4.All rights reserved. those responsible for unauthorized reproduction will be prosecuted。 5.TokenPocket reserve all the right for the revisions, updates and final explanations. 6.All right for explanations above is for TokenPocket only.

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