The Celo Alliance for Prosperity grows to 100 members

Today we are thrilled to share that the Celo Alliance for Prosperity has grown to more than 100 members. More than a number, member growth allows for collaborations across the technology stack, resulting in integrated solutions that better serve the needs of users around the world. When organizations combine their collective forces for positive good, the result is someone being able to send a payment for less than $.01 in under 5 seconds.

From the beginning, the Alliance was created to grow both global and local ecosystems in service of creating the conditions for prosperous communities. The global pandemic has only accelerated this need. Members like Mercy Corps and the Grameen Foundation are now able to send aid in a faster, less expensive, and more transparent ways — resulting in more money in the hands of those who need it most.

Meet our new members since the last announcement on May 5, along with what they offer the Celo ecosystem:

  • BitWage (wages paid in cUSD)
  • BloomX (cUSD transfers)
  • Escher Wallet (savings and bill payment with cUSD in Brazil)
  • Finclusive (member compliance coverage and a bridge between fiat and CELO/cUSD)
  • Frontier Wallet (savings and bill payment with cUSD in India)
  • Klaytn (tools for cross-chain integration with Celo)
  • MugglePay (cUSD acceptance with <1% fee)
  • OKCoin (one of the first exchanges to list CELO)
  • Persistence (lending cUSD)
  • Spe Taxi Cab (first taxi company to accept cUSD)
  • UTrust (cUSD merchant acceptance in 180 countries)
  • Wyre (cash in and cash out cUSD in wallet)

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Members have already started working on real usability of Celo Dollars, including:

  • Underemployed youth in Kenya earning money on their phones by completing microtasks
  • NGOs in the Philippines giving aid using cUSD
  • Microloans in Colombia (@25 min) to help entrepreneurs generate income
  • Sending payments from the United States abroad

To encourage member collaboration and address real-world challenges, the Alliance has created two new working groups: a global remittances committee and regulation and compliance committee. We’re excited to share their progress soon.

Any mission-aligned organization can apply to join the Alliance with a commitment to impact. While we will continue our work to support a robust ecosystem for Celo as part of the Foundation mission, we are also looking to include organizations that can quickly help communities prosper, whether through strong customer relationships, broad reach, or sustaining Celo’s open source technology.

We are grateful for the diversity and commitment of each Alliance member — we appreciate your contributions to making Celo possible.

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