Using MetaMask on Cronos mainnet Beta | Cronos | EVM Chain

In the following step-by-step guide, you will learn how to use the MetaMask chrome extension to send/receive and interact with the Cronos chain.

# Connecting to the Cronos mainnet Beta

First of all we would need to connect the MetaMask with the Cronos chain network:

  • Hit the my account button in the top right corner, under “Settings”, select “Networks”

    Using MetaMask on Cronos mainnet Beta | Cronos | EVM Chain

  • In the “Networks” page, click “Add Network”:

    Using MetaMask on Cronos mainnet Beta | Cronos | EVM Chain

  • Insert the network name, for example “Cronos” and put

    • for New RPC URL; and

    • 25 for Chain ID,

    • CRO for the symbol, and

    • Using MetaMask on Cronos mainnet Beta | Cronos | EVM Chain
  • After saving the network config, we should be able to see the token in your address!

# Using MetaMask on Cronos testnet

Similarly, for Cronos testnet, insert the network name, for example “Cronos testnet” and put

  • for New RPC URL; and
  • 338 for Chain ID,
  • tCRO for the symbol, and
  • for the Block explorer URL as below:

# Importing private key to MetaMask

Alternatively, We can export the private key by using the unsafe-export-eth-key command with cronosd, for example:

It will show your private, we can copy it for the next step.

Then hit my account button in the top right corner again, select “Import Account” under “My account” on your MetaMask:

Using MetaMask on Cronos mainnet Beta | Cronos | EVM ChainPaste the private from the former step here and click “Import”. Using MetaMask on Cronos mainnet Beta | Cronos | EVM ChainOnce it has been connect, you should see the balance and may start performing transactions via MetaMask!

# Address conventions

Note that the address format in Cronos is in there form of bech32 crc… , we can use cronosd debug addr to convert an address between hex and bech32, for example:

# Resetting your account on Metamask

If you come across any issue with your account or you have used the imported account to perform transactions in the legacy testnet, you can reset it by using the Reset Account function on the MetaMask.

Simply go to Setting/Advance and click Reset Account as shown below:

Using MetaMask on Cronos mainnet Beta | Cronos | EVM Chain# FAQs for ERC20-only transaction Support

# Q1: I transferred CRO from the other centralized exchanges (CEXs) to the Desktop wallet, but why it is not showing up in my Chain Desktop Wallet?

A : Some centralized exchanges currently only support Ethereum mainnet ERC20-CRO withdrawal, while desktop Wallet only supports Chain & Cronos Beta Chain for the moment, thus you’re not able to view any ERC20 assets or balances of Ethereum Chain on the Desktop Wallet. It is highly recommended that all users check the networks before making the withdrawal and always begin with a small amount to make sure the transfer actually works.

# Q2: I’ve already made the transfer from the centralized exchange that does not support Cronos Beta Chain to my Desktop wallet. What should I do to retrieve my funds?

A : Here’s what you could do:

  1. Send some ETH (around 0.03 ETH) to your 0x.. address for paying the transaction gas fee on Ethereum
  2. Download our App, and register an account (skip this if you’re already a user)
  3. Send your ERC20-CRO to the App ERC20-CRO deposit address*
  4. When you get your CRO, withdraw your CRO to your ledger address (MAKE SURE YOU SELECT Cronos Beta Chain) 0x.. address
  5. You would be able to see your funds on Desktop Wallet afterwards

Other than this, it is also possible that there is no Ethereum in your wallet, which could result in your funds getting stuck as you aren’t able to pay for the Ethereum gas fee. Please ensure you have enough ETH for the transaction.

For step 3 of transferring your ERC20-CRO, you could either use Metamask or Ledger Live (for ledger user) to send ERC20-CRO from your Ledger to App. Take the wallet on Metamask as an example, if you log into the same wallet on Metamask and switch the network to the ethereum mainnet on Metamask, you would be able to access those ERC20 tokens in this wallet on Metamask. After that, you would be free to transfer the funds to the app then withdraw them to the Cronos Beta network.

# Q3: I would like to send ERC20-CRO from App or Defi Wallet to the other CEXs directly. Is it possible?

A : Please make sure both sender and receiver accounts support ERC20 format. Only if the other CEXs support ERC20-CRO can you send it. Users may refer to this guide for more details:


# Q4: I made a transaction on MetaMask (through Cronos Beta network) to the other CEXs that do NOT support Cronos. How should I retrieve it back?

A : In this case, only the owner of the receiving account has access to that funds. You could also check if your transaction is successful/confirmed on Cronoscan (opens new window). Given the receiving account is from other CEXs, you may contact the receiving party and find out if it is possible for them to do a manual refund for your transaction. They may or may not do it depending on their own policies. Otherwise, you will most likely not be able to access the funds until that CEX starts to support Cronos.

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