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Wallstreetbets Silver Rounds

Wallstreetbets. Reddit. Gamestop. Blackberry. AMC Theaters. Nokia. Bed Bath and Beyond. Short squeeze. The Blockchain Mint’s Wallstreetbets Silver Round captures the moment when the student taught the teacher a lesson. The dramatic GME Squeeze, accompanying trades, and subreddit r/wallstreetbets are all represented on the Blockchain Mint’s Wallstreetbets Silver rounds, available in various finishes.

The obverse of the Wallstreetbets round features a caricature of a cocky, young Wall Street type, dressed in a suit and tie, complete with cufflinks and heavy sunglasses. The inscriptions “Buy High, Sell Higher” -a classic Wall Street phrase used to describe momentum trading- and a stylized “Wall Street Bets” appear over a faceted background with the trader character.

The reverse of the round features a stylized rocket ship and the ticker symbols GME, BB, AMC, NOK, and BBBY separated by dollar signs, signifying the hope of stock going “to the moon!” The inscription “999 fine silver one troy ounce 2021” appears below the rocket.

This stunning Wallstreetbets round is available in a Brilliant Uncirculated and Antiqued finish, both with limited mintages. Whether you had diamond hands or just watched from the sidelines, this issue from the Blockchain Mint is the perfect way to mark this moment in Wallstreet (and internet) history in your collection.

Dogecoin Silver Rounds

Launched in 2013, Dogecoin is another decentralized, peer-to-peer digital currency that allows people to send and receive currency online with ease. Dogecoin is mined differently than Bitcoin, using Scrypt technology in contrast to Bitcoin’s proof-of-work protocol, and is very low in actual value today. Tesla CEO Elon Musk famously tweeted about the cryptocurrency, calling DOGE his favorite coin. In 2021 the Blockchain Mint is at it again with another cryptocurrency commemorative release honoring Dogecoin (DOGE), available in Brilliant Uncirculated, Proof-like, or Antiqued finishes.

The reverse design of the Dogecoin Silver Round features the mascot of Dogecoin, a meme-inspired Shiba Inu giving the classic “side-eye,” who is joined by a slew of statements, including “So shiny…such coin….so diamond hands…wow…much cash…. your favorite cold storage.” The field is made up of a diamond-like texture, a nod to those with “diamond hands.”

Bitcoin Silver Coins

In case you have not turned on the news since 2009, Bitcoin is a decentralized, digital form of currency and a payment system. It is also software. It is treated by many as an asset class and a store of value. In short, it was the first application of blockchain technology: a digital currency designed as a medium of exchange. Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency. Bitcoin also opened the door to new possibilities for money, banking, payment systems, and the future of inventory control and logistics. It only made sense that the Blockchain Mint would commemorate the rise of Bitcoin with legal tender coins issued by the Republic of Chad.

The Bitcoin silver coin features a low mintage of 25,000 coins for the Brilliant Uncirculated finish and a scant 2,500 coins for the Antiqued finish coin.

The obverse of the coin features the stylized “B” Bitcoin symbol superimposed over a circuit board. The reverse of the coin features the Seal of Chad superimposed over a circuit board.

Ethereum Silver Coins

Ethereum is the second-largest cryptocurrency and was introduced in 2015. This platform differs from Bitcoin in that it has a contract function that runs on its blockchain. Aside from that, the operation and features of Ether are similar to Bitcoin. The Blockchain Mint also commemorated Ethereum on legal tender silver coins issued by the Republic of Chad in 2020.

The Ethereum Silver Coin features a mintage of 25,000 coins for the Brilliant Uncirculated finish to satisfy worldwide demand. The Antique finish example has a scant 2,500 coin mintage.

The obverse of the coin features the Ethereum “Octahedron,” which symbolizes the element of air colliding with the heart chakra. The symbol is pictured over a representation of mining hardware in the fields of the coin. The reverse of the coin features the Seal of Chad shown over the mining hardware motif in the fields.

LiteCoin Silver Coins

Litecoin was introduced in 2011 as an alternative to Bitcoin. The functionality of Litecoin coin is similar to Bitcoin but can perform transactions much more rapidly. The Blockchain Mint released legal tender silver coins issued by the Republic of Chad to commemorate this alternative digital currency.

The LiteCoin Silver Coin has a low mintage of 25,000 coins in the Brilliant Uncirculated finish and a tiny 2,500 coins for the antiqued finish coin.

The coin’s obverse design is the stylized “L” Litecoin symbol superimposed over a chip schematic. The reverse of the coin features the Seal of Chad depicted over a chip schematic.

What is the Blockchain Mint?

The Blockchain Mint is an Asia-based leading private mint that utilizes blockchain technology as a cornerstone of their business.

  • The Blockchain Mint was founded in 2017.
  • The Blockchain Mint is a subsidiary of Rearden Metals PTE.
  • The Mint’s principal business activity is the production of precious and non-ferrous metals products
  • The Blockchain Mint makes vital business-critical information public, including Raw Materials Acquisitions, Silver Stock Reports, and Company Registration Data via blockchain technology.

Where is the Blockchain Mint located?

Blockchain Mint is located in the vibrant Southeast Asian business hub of Singapore.

What types of products does the Blockchain Mint produce?

The Blockchain Mint produces Singapore Good Delivery Bars (SGDB 1 Kilo .9999 fine silver bars), .999+ fine silver grain, and 1 oz. .999+ rounds in a variety of finishes. The company also provides physical vault and cryptocurrency cold storage services.

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