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Top 10 NFT Games For iOS Users: 'Axie Infinity,' 'Binemon,' and MORE
(Photo : John Lenard Fernandez/Facebook) “Axie Infinity”

NFT games have been evolving from card games to casual types like “Axie Infinity.” The world of cryptocurrency has become more interesting with the iteration of the gamified blockchain.

For those iOS users who want to try entering the NFT online gaming market, there are many titles out there that you can play. Whether you are using an iPad or an iPhone, these NFT games are playable on your device.

Top 10 NFT Games For iOS Players

According to Publish0x, here are the top 10 contending NFT games in iOS.

1. ‘Axie Infinity’

There’s no doubt that “Axie Infinity” is the most popular NFT game on the iOS platform right now, as it’s the biggest NFT game overall right this moment.

This blockchain game lets you form a team of monsters called Axies.

You can buy, sell, or trade them in the market. Your job is to create a strong line-up of Axies that will help you collect SLPs. Just be careful about the fake ronin mobile wallet spreading on the platform.

2. ‘War of Ants’

This PVP mobile game will test your strategy in real-time combat. Your goal is to protect the Queen from the enemies.

3. ‘Mobox ‘

This Defi-based NFT game has been popular across the iOS platform. This free-to-play-and-earn environment will give you different rewards that you will reap as you pass the challenges.

4. ‘Crypto Monkey Empire’

If you are aiming for a multiplayer NFT game, “Monkey Empire” could be your go-to game. You will learn how to gather resources and train your troops before battle. You can also create buildings and other establishments in this game.


“Binemon” is a blockchain game similar to other RPG games. At the moment, the developers are still improving the game through its graphics and architecture. But, you can now engage with monsters in this game.

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6. ‘Division Network’

If you like virtual reality games, “Division Network ” is the best NFT game for you on iOS. You can purchase NFT from the developers.

This VR space is open to everyone. You can talk to everyone here and negotiate about token exchange and cryptocurrencies.

7. ‘Crypto Spells’

Card games are becoming more widely known to fans who grew up watching classic card game series. You can transact with other players through the Ethereum blockchain.

Each card has a corresponding value. Its mechanics also rotate in winning games, so you could reap more virtual prizes, such as cash and tokens.

For this game, you can install Go Wallet on your iOS device.

8. ‘My Crypto Saga’

Game developer Double Jump Tokyo has officially opened the beta version of this NFT game. If you have played “My Crypto Heroes” before, it shares a similar concept. The only difference is that the “Saga” version is now a card game.

9. ‘Crypto Crusades’

Besides Android, iOS users can now play “CryptoCrusades” on their gadgets. Just like some of the previously mentioned NFT games, this game makes use of Ethereum.

You can play as an artisan, farmer, warrior, and more in this game.

10. ‘Synergy of Serra’

Another card game “Synergy Serra” is about protecting the planet Serra from the alien invasion. For beginners, you can use 90 special cards for free. Your seasonal rewards depend on how you progress in the game.

If you still want to read more about NFT games, you can check another list of the top NFT games of 2021.

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