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Companies that want to develop blockchain applications or solutions have the choice between hiring blockchain developers to build the technology in-house or outsourcing the development to blockchain development consultancies.

In this guide, you will find the top blockchain consultants and consulting firms that you can hire in 2022.

Top Blockchain Consultants and Consulting Firms

To rate and rank the best blockchain consultancies, our editors used criteria such as years in existence, services offered, and social media following.


  • Services Offered: Asset Tokenization, Exchange Software, STO Launches
  • Notable Clients/Partners: LBX, CME Group, Dasset, Scotiabank

New York-based AlphaPoint is a financial technology company that provides asset tokenization services to enable businesses to launch security tokens as a new form of capital raising. The company provides exchange software, OTC trading platforms, and advisory, among other services. We rated AlphaPoint highly because it’s the only enterprise-grade software that enables institutions to both tokenize illiquid assets and trade those assets on an exchange. (BMJ Score: 5.0)


  • Services Offered: Blockchain Development, Advisory, Education
  • Notable Clients/Partners: Ethereum, IBM, MetaMask

New York-based ConsenSys is a market-leading blockchain development and consultancy company that develops products and solutions based on the Ethereum blockchain. We rated ConsenSys highly due to its range of blockchain solutions and free educational resources. (BMJ Score: 5.0)


  • Services Offered: Commercial Real Estate, Finance, E-Currency, Smart Contracts
  • Notable Clients/Partners: Snowbridge, UN Women, Government of Andhra Pradesh, Green Asset Wallet, Chromapolis

Stockholm-based ChromaWay focuses on implementing smart contract solutions in financial institutions, government agencies, and real estate businesses. The company is renowned for creating Postchain, a consortium database, and SoftiWay, an innovative solution for peer-to-peer payments. A pioneer in the blockchain industry, ChromaWay receives a high score due to its product and solution innovation. (BMJ Score: 5.0)


  • Services Offered: Decentralized Solution Development, Advisory, Training, Security Audits
  • Notable Clients/Partners: Decentraland, Wings, Jaxx, Xapo, Telegram

Argentina-based CoinFabrik develops blockchain technology solutions for businesses as well as security audits, training, and advisory services. CoinFabrik received a high score thanks to its impressive portfolio and range of services offered. (BMJ Score: 4.5)

Blockchain Lab

  • Services Offered: Blockchain Development, Consulting, Advisory, Token Sales
  • Notable Clients/Partners: Coinprism, Blockstream, RIvetz

London-based BlockchainLab is a blockchain consultancy that provides a range of blockchain-related services, including crowdfunding, asset tracking, smart identity, and regulatory reporting. Blockchain Lab received a rating of 4.5 due to its excellent tailored consultancy services. (BMJ Score: 4.5)


  • Services Offered: Mobile App and Web Development, Full-Cycle Product Development, Research and Innovation
  • Notable Clients/Partners: Amazon Web Services, Cloudera, SAP SE

A New York-based company, Appinventi provides a range of crypto and blockchain-related services, including smart contract development, ICOs consulting, IoT implementation, and tech audits. While it’s a relatively new company, it’s managed to help many businesses revolutionize their workflow through blockchain integration. (BMJ Score: 4.5)

MLG Blockchain

  • Services Offered: Capital Raising, Blockchain Consulting, Transformation
  • Notable Clients/Partners: bitJob, Tron, MailCoin, LAToken

Toronto-based MLG Blockchain is a consultancy company that provides blockchain development and tokenization solutions for startups and enterprise and government clients. We gave MLG Blockchain a solid score because of its highly qualified consultant team and role in taking over 20 token sales to market. (BMJ Score: 4.0)


  • Services Offered: Asset Tokenization, Exchange Software, STO Launches
  • Notable Clients/Partners: LBX, CME Group, Dasset, Scotiabank

San Francisco-based LeewayHertz is a leading blockchain development and consulting company that provides a range of services, including blockchain development, smart contract creation, and IEO/STO launches. LeewayHertz received a solid rating thanks to its team of skilled developers and instrumental role in the creation of over one hundred big enterprise-grade digital platforms. (BMJ Score: 4.0)

HashCash Consultants

  • Services Offered: Exchange Software, ICO Launches, Coin Listings
  • Notable Clients/Partners: Microsoft, HSBC, Kotak Bank, DBS

California-based HashCash Consultants is a global Blockchain and IT services company that provides a range of blockchain services and products for startups and enterprises. HashCash Consultants received a solid score thanks to its range of services offered and solid network of global partners. (BMJ Score: 4.0)


  • Services Offered: Kubernetes consulting, DevOps, Istio Support, Cloud Native Transformation, Custom Software
  • Notable Clients/Partners: Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid, Oracle Cloud

Altoros is a Silicon Valley-based IT consulting and blockchain development company that develops, deploys, and manages enterprise-grade software and cloud solutions. It offers blockchain-based solutions and frameworks, as well as personalized solutions for services. It receives a high score due to its range of solutions and services. (BMJ Score: 4.0)

Treehouse Technology Group

  • Services Offered: Technology and Infrastructure Strategy, Automation, Data and Cloud Architecture, Enterprise Application and Cloud Solution Design
  • Notable Clients/Partners: Apex, Icono, 603 Elite, National Benefit Advisors US, iHome Registry

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Treehouse Technology Group is a versatile blockchain consulting company that helps top-tier companies develop and deploy smart contracts using Ethereum. Treehouse Technology Group received a high rating because it has a robust service offering available to a wide range of industries. (BMJ Score: 4.0)


  • Services Offered: Enterprise Smart Contract Management, Architecture Design, Smart Contracts
  • Notable Clients/Partners: IBM, Microsoft, Aplana Software Services

A subsidiary of Aplana Software and headquartered in Philadelphia, ABES Lab offers a wide range of services but focuses heavily on innovation solution implementation in relation to blockchain technology in supply management. ABES Lab receives a solid rating due to its expertise in creating dApps and strong ability to work with Ethereum, Hyperledger, and Solidity. (BMJ Score: 4.0)

Applied Blockchain

  • Services Offered: DApp Development, Security Audits
  • Notable Clients/Partners: Shell, KLM, BABB, Travel Ledger

London-based Applied Blockchain is a leading blockchain development company that provides a wide range of blockchain-related services to startups, SMEs, and multinational corporations. Applied Blockchain has been continuously improving its core offerings but still has a ways to go in terms of building its reputation. (BMJ Score: 3.5)

DLT Capital

  • Services Offered: Corporate Finance, Research, Advisory, Investor Relations
  • Notable Clients/Partners: Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange, Crypto Valley, Security Token Network, everiToken, CoinMirror

Munich-based DLT Capital is a blockchain and STO consultancy that provides advisory and consulting services to businesses that want to launch a security token offering to raise capital. DLT Capital is a newer blockchain consulting firm, so it still has a ways to go in proving its worth. (BMJ Score: 3.0)

Chainwise Group

  • Services Offered: Enterprise Consulting, Solutions Development, Marketing, STO/ICOs
  • Notable Clients/Partners: Xain, Share & Charge, Solidified, CoinMe

Berlin-based Chainwise provides specialized consulting in blockchain technology and digital assets to startups and SMEs. A young blockchain consulting company, Chainwise Group has yet to prove itself a viable competitor in the market. (BMJ Score: 3.0)

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