Blockchain Babies Launches Its Latest Play2Earn Game: CEO

Copenhagen, Denmark, Dec. 29, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – In an official statement released by the CEO of Blockchain babies, the company informs the public about its ambitious Block Island project—An NFT game consisting of blockchain babies.

The company has already released the NFT game, which is now available online.

Block Island is all about adventure, mystery, and a thrilling escapade. According to the company’s official white paper, Block Island will have around 1111 unique babies, each representing a unique trait. Each Blockchain Baby will have access to a mysterious place—Block Island.

“This NFT game also introduces a rental-system, through which each participant-cum-Blockchain Baby holder will get hold to a regular passive income stream. The community is driven by the concept of equality. Each member can vote only once and take part in major decisions concerning Block Island,” the company founder said.

Blockchain babies are divided into three rarity classes: Common edition, Rare edition, and Exclusive edition.

On common edition, you rent out your blockchain babies to five non-owners at a floor price of 0.33-Eth to a maximum of 700 characters. Similarly, on rare editions, you can rent out blockchain babies to at least 12 non-owners up to 300 characters at a floor price of 0.66-Eth. And finally, when you get hold of its exclusive edition, you can rent out your blockchain babies out to 30 non-owners at a floor price of 0.99 Eth to 111 characters.

The online gaming industry is at its all-time high now. Statista reported how the online gaming sector triggered over $20-billion turnover last year even amidst the global coronavirus pandemic. If the trend continues, it might cross the $24-billion mark by the end of 2022.

Block Island is going to be a game changer soon. Each participant will not only get to play the main game, but they will also have the right to participate in various other tournaments as well.

Blockchain Babies Launches Its Latest Play2Earn Game: CEO,

Blockchain Babies holders can also rent out characters they hold to non-owners and pocket good earnings for the same.

Blockchain Babies has a lot of plans ahead, but they want to tread very cautiously in a phase by phase manner.

Phase 1: Blockchain Babies Premiere

With the launch of Blockchain Babies, investors and participants can become a part of this global movement on Discord.

Phase 2: The launch of cryptocurrency

Soon after the release of the game, a new cryptocurrency will be launched within the community.

Phase 3: The Game Development Stage

At this phase, the game will be developed more and a passive income system will be created for all participants to generate side hustle.

Phase 4: The Availability of Virtual Land

In this stage, virtual items, land and properties can be sold by the participant or community members to create new avenues for their investment.

Phase 5: Merch—A new fashion initiative

In this stage, the company plans to unveil its brand new clothing fashion label MERCH.

Phase 6: The creation of Investment Fund

NFT projects will be purchased by community members. If they are sold, all members will receive profits in equal ratio.

Phase 7: The Grand Get-together Event

Active members will get the advantage of going for a fully-paid vacation trip.

Phase 8: Real life Utility

By now, the cryptocoin would become quite a popular digital asset to buy and sell various goods and services online.

As a participant of the blockchain babies game, you can earn a minimum of 0.04 Eth per month by renting out a blockchain baby to a non-owner. A blockchain baby holder who falls in the category of common/ rare/ exclusive edition will have direct access to Block Island with multiple benefits. For the common public, Block Island will be unveiled during the second quarter of 2022.

This NFT-based online game is going to set the trend in the coming days. It is one of those blockchain games, which is getting unprecedented popularity and fandom.

It is set to revolutionize the entire concept of NFT games forever. Participants can purchase in-game assets and other elements using NFT online. The transparency, security, transactions using NFTs or crypto coins, and chances of winning real rewards and prizes are always high in such games.

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