AI And The Future Of Transportation: Self-Driving Cars, Smart Cities, And Efficient Mobility

It’s no longer sufficient to just “look under the hood” to discover how today’s sophisticated vehicles work. The technology behind CAVs extends far beyond the vehicle itself. Vehicle sensors generate huge amounts of data. This data, together with the connected data from other sources, requires a reliable high-speed computing platform and effective, machine learning-generated algorithms for efficient operation of connected autonomous vehicles.

Hitachi has developed cutting-edge sensing and controller technologies with state-of-the-art, AI-based, cooperative connected control algorithms, as well as the solutions that enable deployment of the AI algorithms, both in the cloud and on edge processing platforms. For example, our high-speed autonomous driving electronic control unit (ECU) enables the processing and analysis of data from multiple sensors in real time for autonomous driving/advanced driver assistance systems (AD/ADAS). And our predictive maintenance solutions aggregate sensor data and use a combination of physics and AI-based models to provide real-time predictions and recommendations for vehicle maintenance.

Technology companies working to provide such ecosystems must not only have extensive investment in research and development, they must have a solid grounding in operational technology (OT) as well as IT. Producing solutions and technologies that meet the very demanding requirements of automotive-grade quality and mass production scale are the biggest challenges facing these companies. Hitachi is one of the few companies in the world with domain expertise across the many facets of smart cities, and we have unparalleled OT and IT experience. We can provide a complete end-to-end digital mobility solution for smart cities and massive infrastructures across many domains.

Smart cities are a shining example of the value of connected technology to empower and improve society at all levels, with connected autonomous vehicles contributing significantly to sustainable transportation. The Hitachi Group companies are working together and with our customers to create smart mobility solutions for a safe, sustainable, and resilient world. Connected autonomous vehicles are an important part of our vision for the future of transportation. The technology is available now and getting better all the time – and it will continue to benefit the environment, communities, and the people who live and work there.

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