2024’s Top 10 Blockchain Supply Chain Management Solutions

After leading firms, such as Walmart, Unilever, Coca-Cola, Ford, and more, have integrated the Blockchain into their supply chain, this technology has gained a lot of traction in the market. Businesses are now more interested in adopting Blockchain-based supply chain ecosystems to make a place in the competitive market. However, Blockchain implementation requires technical knowledge, skills, and experience and this is when their search for the ideal Blockchain supply chain development company begins.

With the increasing number of options, finding the right Blockchain supply chain development company can be challenging as the technology is still new for many enterprises.

While looking out for a company, be sure to ask the following questions-

  • How many years of Blockchain supply chain development experience does the company have?
  • What is the size of the Blockchain development team?
  • Which Blockchain platforms does the company work on?
  • What are the Blockchain supply chain development projects the company has done previously?

With in-depth analysis and deep research, we have compiled a list of the top 10 Blockchain supply chain development companies you can hire for your project without a second thought.

List of Top 10 Blockchain Supply Chain Development Companies

1. Antier

Established: 2003

Team: 600+

For over 10 years, Antier has been helping businesses to adopt Blockchain technology to stay ahead of the curve. With Antier, companies can transit from their conventional supply chain system to Blockchain-driven systems. Backed by more than 600 developers, the company develops unmatched Blockchain solutions for supply chain for clients across the globe. The company’s presence in India, the USA, UAE, and the UK enables them to serve clients with the best support they deserve.

2. Infograins

Established: 2011

Team: 200+

Infograins is one of the leading Blockchain supply chain development companies that has a fully-staffed Blockchain R&D department, marketers, 50+ skilled Blockchain engineers, and compassionate delivery heads who work together to build an incredible solution. They have delivered Blockchain solutions for supply chain efficiency seekers who want to achieve maximum transparency, security, and traceability in their systems.

3. Oodles Blockchain

Established: 2009

Team: 250+

Oodles Blockchain aims to deliver innovative Blockchain solutions for supply chain management. The company helps enterprises and startups to grow in the new era of inventions. Oodles Blockchain has a highly proficient team that builds applications based on distributed ledgers such as Ethereum, HashGraph, or HyperLedger in a faster and more secure manner. This Blockchain supply chain development company has worked for several clients and can work on yours too.

4. Blockhead Technologies

Established: 2017

Team: 50+

Blockhead Technologies is another Blockchain supply chain development company that is passionate about fueling efficiency in supply chain management. The company builds agnostic and customizable solutions by following transparent and ethical practices. Businesses seeking improved productivity in their supply chain can reach out to the professionals of Blockhead Technologies. The company is equipped with the necessary resources required for a successful Blockchain supply chain development.

5. BlockchainAppMaker

Established: 2021

Team: 50+

BlockchainAppMaker is a newbie in the Blockchain supply chain development world. However, they have the capability to launch a powerful solution that can bring maximum efficiency into the supply chain. The company has helped several clients introduce their Blockchain solutions for the supply chain in a short span of time. Choosing BlockchainAppMaker as your Blockchain supply chain development company would help you achieve your goals.

6. Cyber Infrastructure Inc

Established: 2003

Team: 1000+

Empowered by 12+ years of experience in the Blockchain, Cyber Infrastructure Inc is another Blockchain supply development company that has consistently delivered optimal solutions for the global clientele. CIS has rich experience in the Blockchain industry, and they have carved a niche in the marketplace by providing exceptional technology solutions that always adhere to globally recognized standards and the latest technology trends. Drive supply chain success with CIS’s built solutions.

7. ITRex

Established: 2009

Team: 250+

Since 2009, ITRex Group has been serving large enterprises and middle-market companies with quality solutions. The company has a line of top Blockchain supply chain development experts, who focus on addressing the most complex challenges in the supply chain ecosystem with a robust and scalable solution. ITRex is also an official member of the Forbes Technology Council 2019, making it a reliable Blockchain supply chain development company for your project.

8. Unicsoft

Established: 2005

Team: 50+

As a leading Blockchain supply chain development company, Unicsoft helps startups and enterprises enhance supply chain efficiency through a quality solution. The company focuses on elevating customer experience, and they achieve this through enabling transparent communication and following orchestrated development processes with the support of a talented Blockchain workforce. At Unicsoft, experts don’t just create Blockchain solutions for supply chain; they architect the future.

9. Maticz Technologies

Established: 2020

Team: 100+

Headquartered in India, Maticz is working with several entrepreneurs and brands to build advanced business solutions that can streamline their supply chain processes. Maticz is redefining business performance with Blockchain-based concepts. As a reputable Blockchain supply chain development company, Maticz can help your business climb the success ladder. Schedule your call with the company to get started!

10. DreamzTech Solutions

Established: 2013

Team: 50+

DreamzTech is a US-based leading software development company with expertise in new-age technologies, including Blockchain. The company has the best Blockchain development team to transform the legacy supply chain systems of businesses through strategic consultation, and solutions. With a global presence in the USA, UK, India & Singapore, DreamzTech Solutions is one of the most promising companies you can hire for Blockchain supply chain development.


The Blockchain supply chain development companies listed above will help you achieve supply chain goals by providing Blockchain-based solutions as per your business requirements. Connect with one of the companies to get started with Blockchain supply chain development services today!

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