2024’s Top 10 AI-Based Language Learning Tools And Techniques

The 10 Best AI Tools to Help Students Learn Faster in 2024

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AI, or Artificial Intelligence, is on the rise. AI has an incredible capacity to process huge amounts of information and predict future scenarios, but machine learning and language tools are also changing the game when it comes to academics. Learn how to use the AI tools at your fingertips alongside MyStudyLife to maximize your learning potential.

What AI tools should students be familiar with?

1. Grammarly

Grammarly is an AI-based writing tool. With Grammarly, you can make sure your essays are absolutely perfect when it comes to grammar and spelling. Grammarly even suggests writing style improvements – it can alter the tone of the text (for example, professional, casual, or creative) judging by the audience so you can prevent procrastination and get your writing assignments out of the way. Never make a silly mistake again!

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2. Socratic

One of the most important study tips is to use active learning rather than relying on simply reading your notes. Socratic is an AI software tool which you can use alongside your lesson materials to search for better, fuller, more visual explanations to questions in Math, Chemistry, Literature, and more. If you’re stuck on a homework problem and it’s too late to email your teacher, Socratic is the tool for you. Another pro tip- don’t let assignments run late using MyStudyLife’s homework planner to make sure you manage your deadlines.

3. Tutor.ai

Tutor.ai is another great piece of software to help you with the content of your learning. Students can literally ask Tutor.ai questions and the AI generates detailed answers and explanations for a range of topics. For better grades, make sure to use Tutor.ai alongside the MyStudyLife study app—it’s like having your own AI tutor right within your study management tool, giving you personalized assistance and guidance to ace your academic journey!

4. Copyscape

Whether you’re starting your freshman year of high school, or finishing your degree, its important to make sure you don’t procrastinate any of your assignments. Copyscape is a plagiarism checker, powered by AI. If you’re worried that your sentence sounds a bit similar to something from the textbook, or you’ve forgotten whether that note you’d made was an original thought (it happens!), then use Copyscape to check your essay against already published texts.

Ensuring you break up long essays into smaller pieces is a key way to ensure you produce high-quality work! With MyStudyLife’s task tracking feature, you can effectively manage long deadlines by breaking them down into smaller, manageable tasks and scheduling them strategically, ensuring a well-paced and organized approach to your work.

5. Gradescope

Finished your homework but not sure whether it’s correct? Use Gradescope to get an insight into how a teacher might mark your work. Gradescope uses a mix of AI and machine learning to simplify grading. Teachers might use this AI tool to make marking quicker, but you can use it to spot areas for improvement ahead of time!

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6. Zotero

Starting your first-ever research paper and need to create a perfectly formatted bibliography? This long list of references that appears at the end of an essay is important to cite research that you have used and credited in your work. Zotero will automatically detect the research used and generate a neat little bibliography for you, saving you tons of time! You can use Zotero with most text editors such as Microsoft Word.

7. Wolfram Alpha

Sick and tired of asking Google fact-based questions and scrolling through pages and pages to find the answer? Try Wolfram Alpha. This is an ‘answer engine’ which uses computational intelligence and a stored knowledgebase to provide answers to complex factual questions. It can answer questions on a whole load of topics – engineering, math, geography, physics, you name it. It will even give you in-depth answers to those tricky math problems that lurk at the end of the paper. Try using Wolfram Alpha’s powerful computational abilities alongside MyStudyLife’s calendar tool to efficiently track and complete assignments, unlocking a new level of academic organization and productivity.

8. Mendeley

Another great online student tool is Mendeley. Mendeley is a ‘reference manager’ as well as a social network for academics. This means, not only will it help out with those bibliographies at the end of essays, but also allows you to collaborate with other academics in the Mendeley forum and suggest relevant new articles based on your past work! You can also log-in to Mendeley from anywhere if you find a good bit of research you’d like to dive into later.

9. Nuance

Nuance is all about voice recognition. Particularly helpful for students who struggle with writing or typing, Nuance utilizes a ‘Dragon Speech Recognition’ tool which transcribes up to 160 words per minute! This means accurately dictating essays, lesson plans, exercise sheets, and more, at a speed more than 3 times faster than typing! Save yourself some time this school year and try Nuance on your school laptop.

10. Cite This for Me

This AI tool is another aid for quickly creating accurate, clear bibliographies, utilizing ‘Cite This for Me’ referencing tool. This makes the citation process a whole lot easier. Their forms and automated citation capabilities can assist students through the procedure and alert them of the material required, even if they have limited knowledge of references. For students, this means less guesswork and a simpler citation procedure!

AI tools might seem scary at first. But once you get the hang of using them, you’ll find that AI tools are handy bits of software that make learning and writing quicker, clearer, more-wide ranging, and close to error-free! Be bold and maximize your academic potential with AI at your fingertips.

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